BitFury Group and Georgian Co-Investment Fund Raise over $64,000 for Tbilisi Flood Victims


BitFury Group and Georgian Co-Investment Fund Raise over $64,000 for Tbilisi Flood Victims,

Bitcoin companies have often been proactive when it comes to collect fund and help the victims of natural calamities whether it is earthquake in Nepal or Ebola in Africa. This time it is flood victims in Tbilisi who are going to be helped by BitFury Group and Georgian Co-Investment Fund. The two organizations have raised over $64,000 in Bitcoins during the global fundraising campaign.

According to them the funds are aimed to help the victims of the recent devastating flood in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nonetheless, the funds raised as a result of the global Bitcoin fundraising campaign have been donated to the Tbilisi City Hall, Tbilisi Zoo, and Tamaz Elizbarashvili’s Dog Shelter. It is worth a mention that hundreds of wild animals kept in zoo died in the flood.

Also, the money already donated by the Georgian Co-Investment Fund (“GCF”) and BitFury Group, the companies partnered with “Georgia Technology Park” LLC to support the great cause and set up a special Bitcoin wallet which enabled people around the globe to make donations in Bitcoin. The two organizations inform the donation process was fully transparent as they used blockchain technology.

Nonetheless, approximately 230 transactions have taken place with total value of over $64,000. The press release from BitFury Group informs that the organization appointed its Georgian subsidiary “Georgia Technology Park” LLC to transfer GEL 100,000 to Tbilisi City Hall’s dedicated account to help Tbilisi flood victims.

BitFury CEO Showed his Happiness about the Funds Raised

They also donated GEL 30,000 to Tbilisi Zoo to support the reconstruction and repairing works and GEL 14,370 to Tamaz Elizbarashvili’s Dog Shelter to assist with its rebuilding process. Talking about the initiative, Valery Vavilov, BitFury CEO, commented that his organization has been active in Georgia since 2014 as their first project, implemented in partnership with Georgian Co-Investment Fund, turned out to be very successful and gave more confidence to expand our business there.

He also added that this summer they started second project in Georgia, which envisages the development of the modern “Technology Park”. According to him his organization is proud that the Bitcoin community has once again demonstrated its generosity and support by actively participating in the global fundraising campaign it initiated together with GCF.

Nonetheless, as he even admits that he would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a donation no matter how big or small their contribution was; it seems the organization is fulfilling the corporate social responsibility fairly well.

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