BitFinex Adds Darkcoin Trading Pairs


BitFinex Adds Darkcoin Trading Pairs – In one of its recent announcements, popular cryptocurrency exchange BitFinex confirmed to add the first of its Darkcoin trading pairs – DRK/USD and DRK/BTC. The new developments are heavily influenced byDarkcoin’s rising popularity among the top cryptocurrencies.

The BitFinex team further commits itself to be an avid supporter of private-centric cryptocurrencies. The team thinks of Darkcoin as one of such concepts that promises anonymity and safety to its users by every mean. BitFinex confesses to be closely watching the Darkcoin surge, fall, and recovery in recent days and believe its team to represent the “most credible foray into this important frontier.” The exchange further highlights the impressive surge Darkcoin’s market cap has shown in recent days that has made it a worthy addition to their telescopic range of trading instruments.


BitFinex, however, also tries to sweep away the negativities that surround Darkcoin, such as its potential to be used for illicit activities. The exchange although confesses to be on the side which favors “Right to Privacy” – a feature that Darkcoin wonderfully offers to its users.

“While we have no crystal balls at Bitfinex,” says the announcement, “we do nonetheless believe that the new features that Darkcoin aims to implement represents a substantial development in the cryptocurrency space, and we believe that any innovation that enhances privacy deserves our attention.”

We can assume that BitFinex presently is driven simply through Darkcoin’s haywire popularity. The exchange has just introduced the new pairs but has kept itself away from introducing the specific offers it is already offering with Bitcoin and Litecoin pairs. It is simply waiting for Darkcoin to sustain its position for long in the cryptocurrency market, following which it will introduce swap leverage and shorting, in addition to the current cash exchange transactions.

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