Bitcoinvention Asia to Explore the Future of Bitcoin in Asia

Bitcoinvention Asia to Explore the Future of Bitcoin in Asia
Bitcoinvention Asia to Explore the Future of Bitcoin in Asia

Bitcoinvention Asia to Explore the Future of Bitcoin in Asia

The two Bitcoin entrepreneurs based in Asia, Oron Barber and Eilon Arad who are behind the Bitcoinvention Asia, aim to expand knowledge about Bitcoin among stakeholders in Asia with next year’s planned convention to be held at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Philippines. The two day convention will be held on 12th to 13th of February 2014.

Oron Barber and Eilon Arad duo decided to organize the event as they realized that though Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity in many Asian countries, there is still a lack of information about the crypto-currency. They believe that the first ever Asian Bitcoin convention, the ‘Bitcoinvention Asia 2014’ – ‘Your Bitcoin Gateway to Asia’ will be a huge success.

The organizers of the event view that this will certainly took off all the usual humdrum and will be adding only unique and great features anyone would surely adore. Participants can listen to eloquent and credible speakers in the Bitcoin industry from different parts of the globe. The organizers are inviting participants who can log in to and fill the required information to get registered.

More Features and More Topics to Be Covered

Though earlier the convention was scheduled for October 17, 2013, the organizers believed that it would be better to prepare it in advance, as it will be the first of its kind in Asia and needs a mega introduction. Also, whereas the earlier convention was a one-day affair, now it will be a full blown two-day convention with a lot of industry speakers taking to the mic.

The organizers of Bitcoinvention hope that since the convention is scheduled for two days, more features and highlights can be accommodated to help stakeholders and interested parties. They also believe that with several panels and numerous speakers, etc. talking about Bitcoin, participants can benefit a lot.


Common Agenda

Some common agenda that Bitcoinvention has set include: Merchant opportunities in the Bitcoin Space, Asian spotlight on Bitcoin Law, Cryptocurrency Exchange – new approach needed, Guidemap to Bitcoin Regulations in Asia, The world of decentralized finance, Open Mic to Start-ups.

Moreover, as the agenda will basically revolve around Bitcoins, Bitcoin traders and brokers in Asia can benefit a lot. Speakers in the convention will be from the Bitcoin economy.

Their aim is to help participants develop an understanding about the potential of Bitcoins in the Asian Market. Bitcoinvention has a complete list of learned speakers for the event.

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