BitcoinToYou Expands, Opens a Center at Brasilia, the Capital City of Brazil  


BitcoinToYou Expands, Opens a Center at Brasilia, the Capital City of Brazil

In an announcement, BitcoinToYou says that it has opened its newest franchise location in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil. Thus, it is all set to expand to the new region with goals in mind. Founded in 2010 our company has more than 5000 customers and handles more than $ 1 million per month; however, with the new office, it will further gain new customers.

Nonetheless, those who have been observing the organization for some time know that the latest addition of Brasilia franchise is the fourth physical location to open under the Brazil-based Bitcoin and litecoin brokerage’s brand in the last year. According to the firm with the new franchise it aspires to launch Bitcoin centers across Brazil.

The sources from BitcoinToYou claim that with the new franchise they can serve as meeting places for enthusiasts in the same way as the New York-based Bitcoin Center NYC. Discussing the latest development, an official blog from BitcoinToYou CEO Andre Horta described the launch event as one compromised of IT professionals, civil servants and local businesspeople.

Interestingly, he used the occasion to highlight what he believes is the importance of physical locations that promote interest in Bitcoin as a technology. Created four years, the company has professionals with experience in large multinationals, serving clients such as Fiat, Gerdau, Usiminas, Banco Bonsucesso, IbiCred Bank and others.

The duly registered company is known for providing responsible services offering transparency and reliability to the customers. Talking about the latest developments at the company Andre Horta said that he needs to go beyond the obvious and see the important role of having physical presence in major cities of the country.

The Company Offers a Monthly Membership for Extensive Services

Thus, according to him promoting Bitcoin, breaking barriers and showing that Bitcoin is here to stay even to those who are skeptical, is the main purpose. Nonetheless, BitcoinToYou charges customers a percentage fee for completed trades on its exchange; however, it also offers a monthly membership for more extensive services available at its locations.

Though the latest addition to the list is Brasilia, the first BitcoinToYou location that was launched by the company was in Curitiba in June of 2014. At the time, the company suggested it had plans to establish presences in major cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília and Florianopolis.

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