BitcoinSouth to Be Held in New Zealand on 29th – 30th November 2014



In an announcement the organizers of BitcoinSouth have said that they are going to organize the two-day event on 29th – 30th November 2014 in New Zealand. According to them, the event is going to provide an attractive opportunity for participants as they will be able to share their opinions and meet the community to move ahead.

Moreover, as Bitcoin gains interest and popularity worldwide, many people in New Zealand are also embracing the potential of this new type of money. Also, they want to explore the technology behind it and according to the organizers BitcoinSouth, New Zealand’s inaugural Bitcoin Conference aims to give maximum exposure for the same.

The organizers of BitcoinSouth say that the event is intended to educate and drive Bitcoin adoption in New Zealand by bringing together a wide range of thought leaders, innovators and businesses. They are inviting the participants and ask everyone to join them for a two-day conference will have comprehensive range of events.

It will take attendees on ‘A journey around the Blockchain’ covering the full spectrum of this disruptive and fascinating new technology. According to the organizers anyone interested to attend, whether he is new to Bitcoin and curious about its potential or already involved and looking to network, further his understanding or share the ideas can participate.

Investors and Bitcoin Companies to Explore the Event Fully

The organizers inform that the two-day event will be held at the Millennium Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. According to them, the selection of the adventure capital was done as a complement to the innovative and adventurous spirit inherent in Bitcoin. They claim that Queenstown’s activities will act as a networking tool for people spending some extra bucks.

According to the people involved in lining up the speakers, the conference has secured a speaker line-up consisting of the biggest names in Bitcoin globally and is set mark NZ as a Bitcoin destination. Some renowned speakers include Andreas Antonopoulos and Jeffery Tucker who will be joined by several local specialists including Simon Jensen and Jonathon Ewing.

The event is going to influence the way Bitcoin is being perceived in New Zealand as it has an agenda which is designed to give a fascinating & empowering overview from ‘What is Bitcoin?’ through to detailed information around the technology, regulation and the various markets it is already disrupting.

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