Bitcoin’s Righteous Avatar Karmacoin Now Offering Peer-to-Peer Tipping via Twitter


Bitcoin’s Righteous Avatar Karmacoin Now Offering Peer-to-Peer Tipping via Twitter – Twitter is the new address for receiving your tips. As per the announcement made by the recently launched cryptocurrency Karmacoin’s creators, they are now allowing anyone on the popular social networking website to gift Karmacoins as tips.

The team also announced to launch Karma Rewards – a similar tipping mechanism based Karmacoin-branded rewards across the internet. With such introductions, the creators aim at inspiring social medial users to acknowledge and appreciate the generous favors done by other users. For example, if you tweet to market your business and someone else retweet it to help you advertise, you can simply return you thanks with Karma Rewards.


“This is only the beginning of a future where online tipping is more fully integrated into the social experience. It can lead to more engagement and a higher level of quality content for everyone,” said Tony Sorel, Director of Karmacoin. “Our technology being used on one of the internet’s biggest platforms is a substantial step forward in our effort for Karma Rewards to become synonymous with both online and offline reward programs.”

The director also hints of launching a pilot program for “SMEs, retail shops, and schools to take advantage of these reward mechanisms using their own platforms.”

The Bitcoin-inspired coin has recently been in the news for its humanitarian works. In one of its charitable causes, the Karmacoin community raised around $2,500 in tips to help Kenyan orphans with basic necessities. Prior to that, the altcoin had also helped a Girl Scout in recovering their lost money.

“With this new method of performing online micro-transactions, we hope that Karmacoin will take the lead not only with rewarding people via tips but also as a way to pay for micro-content and make micro-donations,” said Tony Sorel.

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