Bitcoins Hoping for Its Way to PayPal, Indicates David Marcus


Marcus said, “Bitcoin is truly fascinating! I have been spending a lot of time looking at it. The way how the currency has been designed, and the way that inflation pays for miners makes it truly fascinating. I think that for us at PayPal, it’s just a question whether bitcoin will make its way to PayPal’s funding instrument or not. We’re kind of thinking about it.”


The indication by the PayPal president clearly suggests the high probability of adding bitcoins into their funding mechanism. The statement by David Marcus further suggests the Bitcoins’ approaching mainstream acceptance as a major alternative digital currency. Many popular websites, including of OkCupid have already made their services available in exchange of bitcoins, adding further reason to Marcus’ statement about bitcoins.

Described in 2008 paper by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is gradually emerging as the peer to peer electronic currency in many parts of the world. The proof of the bitcoins’ market values reflects with many websites, ranging from investment to casino, that use it as one of their payment options. Furthermore, the currency has found its feet in commercial sector with merchants and individuals relying on it for making transactions.