Bitcoins Attracting Real Interest from Investors and Traders

Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal
Mt. Gox Temporarily Suspends US Dollar Withdrawal

Huffington Post has reported that Bitcoin is becoming a real and sizable instrument of commerce and attracting investors who are now pouring into new ventures aimed at furthering its use. Bitcoins is also being used for financing new exchanges and payment systems.

Reporting further Huffington Post writes that Michael Terpin, a Las Vegas-based serial entrepreneur who is currently an early-stage venture capitalist in several bitcoin ventures, claimed, “Almost any [bitcoin] company that’s anything has gotten funding in the last six weeks.”

The report further says that a couple of weeks ago at a San Jose technology conference, Terpin and other investors discussed the idea of launching an incubator to provide bitcoin-related ventures with finance, office space and mentoring. Called BitAngels, a network of investors that has pledged to crystallize early-stage startups in Austin, San Francisco and New York, is all set to popularize Bitcoins.

Now, BitAngels has nearly 100 investors who collectively pledged to put millions of dollars into bitcoin businesses. What came from the entire development in the last couple of weeks activities by BitAngels is that it has made investors and traders believe in Bitcoins. Huffington Post claims that people are bullish on the Bitcoin system and its future.

Huffington Post also reports that efforts are being made to popularize Bitcoins even in places with poor access to telecommunications. Though there are challenges in front of Bitcoins, the revolutionary currency, the report firmly believes, investors and traders are bullish about the future and accepting open heartedly.