BitcoinExpo to Be Held on 30th November in East London

BitcoinExpo to Be Held on 30th November in East London
BitcoinExpo to Be Held on 30th November in East London

BitcoinExpo to Be Held on 30th November in East London

BitcoinExpo, a free Bitcoin Conference will be held on 30th November this year in East London. According to the organizers of the event the conference aims to create a unique networking opportunity for people who are interested in technologies that benefit humanity. People irrespective of their technical background or experience can participate in the conference.

To be held on 30th November 2013, the conference will start at 10:30am and last till 6:30pm. Venue is Cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane, East London, E1 6QL. According to the organizers as the year 2013 has been an explosive one for Bitcoin, it is important to explore the crypto-currency even more, particularly, when it is becoming part of ordinary people.

In a statement issued by the BitcoinExpo organizers it is clear that the conference will address the expansion of interest in crypto-currency. Additionally, it will provide the basic knowledge for newcomers with the help of some great speakers who are going to enlighten the participants. It will definitely be a great opportunity for Bitcoin enthusiasts to listen to industry stalwarts.

Some great speakers such as Richard Stallman, arguably the most famous hacker in the world, will be enlightening the participants and answering their questions. Wai H. Tsang is another speaker who will be explaining the binary, fractal nature of time, the brain, and ultimately the universe in his 1-hour power-presentation.

Participants may also listen to Trevor Jackson, an ex-Navy nuclear physicist. He is known for his Aluminum-air batteries as a replacement power-source for all existing electric vehicles. Brett Scott is another speaker in the conference. He authored the book ‘The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money,’ and expected to deliver a dialogue on Bitcoin.


For individual participants, there is no entry fee. However, the organizers request that participants should not forget to arrive early if want to get a good seat! Also, they can deny any entry if they feel that the venue is comfortably full.

VIP tickets too are being made available for £49. It will open the door for the VIP Afterparty which will be held in a smaller venue nearby. It will make the payee eligible for a bag of expo freebies & gifts e.g. 10 mins oriental Back-massage from BitcoinMassage and £15 worth of BTC to trade with at this event.

The organizers are inviting exhibitors wherein 25 positions are available at £199 each. Four positions for supporting sponsors are available at £3,500 each. The organizers of the conference are also looking for Wi-Fi Sponsor for £2,000; for any query, interested parties can contact bitcoinexpo[at]gmail[dot]com.

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