Bitcoin Weekly News Round Up: Neo & Bee CEO Wanted, Bitcoin Mining Deficiencies Layered, and Much More


Bitcoin Weekly News Round Up: Neo & Bee CEO Wanted, Bitcoin Mining Deficiencies Layered, and Much More

The major Bitcoin events that took place between April 7th and April 13th.

Arrest warrant issued for CEO of Neo & Bee

Last Friday the Cypriot police issued an arrest warrant against Danny Brewster, CEO of Bee & Neo (the first Bitcoin physical exchange) which was denounced for alleged fraud and embezzlement. The company had to suspend operations last March 28 due to “irregular activity” and “a high probability of being carrying out a questionable commercial activity.” This measure was taken as a precaution to protect customers. However, operations were restored on April 4. Brewster left Cyprus citing “personal reasons” and referred to the difficult situation here was going through, “All the rumors are false. No country moved me, I’m temporarily abroad to resolve some important issues because I have received false accusations. ”

Full report here.

New report on Bitcoin mining hardware

A new technical report by the solutions provider Allied Control Cooling Technology, examines the current Bitcoin ecosystem of large-scale mining and analyzes the implications of current and future technologies cooling.

According to Alex Kampl, document author and vice president of engineering Allied Control, “there are significant deficiencies in the way the mining production hardware and how it is distributed worldwide. I think you lose a lot of money because some hardware manufacturers are unreliable. Many times there are delays in delivery of equipment or these are never delivered. We all know how much money they lose the miners. The bad reputation of this market keeps away many investors.”

Buy Starbucks Coffee with Bitcoins

Thanks to the company Coinforcoffee, now bitcoiners can enjoy coffee at the local Starbucks Americans by paying with Bitcoins, even though the international chain of bars do not accept cryptocurrencies. On its site, Coinforcoffee explains how this unique system functions: “Go to a local Starbucks, you enter from your mobile phone and click “Load Bitcoin “.

Then enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to load or its equivalent in dollars and confirm the operation. You can also order and pay by scanning the barcode with your phone. Enjoy the coffee!

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