Bitcoin Wallet Adds Bluetooth and GPS Features


Bitcoin Wallet Adds Bluetooth and GPS Features – With Bitcoin slowly developing into a new alternative to fiat payment methods, the technology around it is also evolving with the growing user base. This time, it is the popular Bitcoin wallet services provider Hive that has brought some really unique technological features to Bitcoin community. These changes are the addition of Bluetooth and GPS features to its Android app.

Upon coming in effect, the integration of two distinctive technologies will help Hive Bitcoin Wallet users find and add nearby Bitcoin users, along with their addresses to the list of store addresses. This feature indeed come hand for those Hive users who had to scan or copy little codes every time they wanted to make a payment or transaction. The new feature will simply detect other Hive Bitcoin wallet users and store their addresses to your list.


This is the first time in the Bitcoin ecosystem that a Bluetooth and GPS feature will play an active role in connecting the community with each other, no matter if they are in a coffee shop, library or a college campus. However, the best thing about this app is that it never forces users to know one’s Bitcoin public address if other user is on Hive and is nearby, it simply discovers it.

The emerging Bitcoin technology is expected to bring more wonderful add-ons in near future, predict experts. The overall focus here is to involve even the non-technical population in using cryptocurrencies. With approaches towards making Bitcoin more user friendly strengthens, we will all see an expansion anytime soon.

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