Bitcoin Virtual Expo: The Very First Virtual Bitcoin Fair


Bitcoin Virtual Expo: The Very First Virtual Bitcoin Fair – Bitcoin fairs have always played an essential role in enlarging the coin’s economy by bringing cryptocurrency-loving individuals under one roof. But on the flip side, these events are mostly inaccessible to people staying abroad. They although have an interesting impact on the local communities where they are held, but for people outside the city or country, attending a Bitcoin event means expenses.

The Bitcoin Virtual Expo has thus appeared as a viable alternative to Bitcoin followers all around the world, wishing to participate in the Bitcoin fairs. It is an event that has come with an innovative proposal, which is being 100% virtual. It simply means that a Bitcoiner can simply visit one of such events without any need of giving any entry fee, or buying plane tickets, etc.


Created by the Bitcoin Columbia and Mundo Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Virtual Expo aims at being a coherent event, which makes it possible for over 5,000 attendees and exhibitors to come and interact with each other. If they wish, they can also make purchases from available merchants, using Bitcoin indeed.

Every individual is welcome, along with the merchants who are still planning to adopt Bitcoin as one of their payment methods. With a unique opportunity for sponsors, exhibitors and visitors, the Bitcoin Virtual Expo intends to serve all fresh information on the Bitcoin economy, as well as to promote its trade through a single platform.

According to reliable sources, this idea has been received well in the United States, and is soon hoping to extend its coverage to other cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Mumbai, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Tokyo, Toronto, Madrid, Washington, Vancouver, London, and others.

We acknowledge and wish the daring and creative entrepreneurs behind this project. We also hope it will turn out be a game changer for the Bitcoin industry.

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