Cryptex Produces First Bitcoin-to-Cash ATM and Debit Card


Bitcoin-to-Cash ATM and Debit Cards to Be Shipped Soon, Reports Cryptex, Inc. –  Cryptex, Inc., aka Crypex, today announced that it will start shipping the much-awaited Bitcoin-to-Cash ATM and debit cards within four-six weeks. The cryptocurrency financial services company will issue cards that will be accessible on the thousands of Bitcoin ATMs that are installed across 80 countries, including the United States.

It will be the first time when the digital currency exchanging process will be made simpler to such extent. There is a wide gap that exists today between the Bitcoin and paper currency users. Maybe because people don’t wish to get involved in the complex technicalities of Bitcoin, and thus simply rely on the simple and traditional currencies for their day-to-day transactions.


Introducing such Bitcoin-to-cash ATM and debit cards will certainly make them acknowledge the gradually diminishing gap between Bitcoin and the real world. It will be the first time that a Bitcoin debit card will used to buy goods and services from merchants that accept this digital coin.

“This is a huge development for Bitcoin,” said co-founder Jamon Rahn, “because Bitcoin ATMs are sparsely located and Bitcoin exchanges make withdrawal a burdensome affair. We are vastly increasing liquidity and convenience for holders of Bitcoin.”

Ordering and using these cards will be the same as the regular ATM/Debit Cards. Customers will just be required to order these cards from Cryptex. Upon receiving the card physically, they can load Bitcoin into it via their online accounts. It will be like recharging a prepaid mobile account; simple and efficient.

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