Bitcoin Singapore Conference: Charlie Shrem to be the Principal Speaker

Bitcoin Landscape Changes in Canada for the Better
Bitcoin Landscape Changes in Canada for the Better

Bitcoin Landscape Changes in Canada for the Better

Charles ‘Charlie’ Shrem IV, the 23 year old American businessman and entrepreneur who co-founded the Bitcoin startup company BitInstant and currently working as Vice Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, will be the lead speaker in the Bitcoin Singapore Conference which is going to be held on November 15th at Fullerton Hotel.

Who is Charlie Shrem?

Charlie Shrem became a millionaire at 20 years of age and since then has not looked back. He started getting involved in the Bitcoin space in early 2011; he bought close to 500 Bitcoins for nearly five dollars each from Tradehill. Later on he started his company BitInstant. Entrepreneurship is not new for him as he started his first startup which used to sell one product daily.

Growing up in New York, Charlie Shrem studied Keynesian economics at Brooklyn College; however, what he is doing now does not seem to have consonance with what he learned in his economics’ lectures. In one of his interviews he admitted that he is more into Austrian schools of economics now. However, he rules out that he is driven by any ideology.

Earlier in July this year he admitted that he was willing to work with the traditional banks and had compared Bitcoin’s early days with ‘wild west.’ He does not consider that Bitcoin will destroy the banking infrastructure and assures that the traditional banking companies and stakeholders can coexist and grow simultaneously.


Charlie Shrem Brings Great Insight

His talk at the Bitcoin Singapore Conference will get a lot of attention as usual. He believes that Bitcoin is just raw infrastructure, and it takes whoever can really harness that and develop it into a mainstream product and that is what he is doing. His company, BitInstant which he started with just 1000 dollars, is giving tough competition to Mt Gox.

Charlie Shrem admits that BitInstant is hit among customers as it provides fast and easy transaction. Now, his company in collaboration with more than 700,000 stores including of Wal-Mart and Duane Reade sells Bitcoin to customers around the world.

Some Luminaries to Speak at Bitcoin Singapore Conference

Apart from Charlie Shrem, several other entrepreneurs and experts like Steve Beauregard of GoCoin, Hakim Mamoni of DealCoin – Seedcoin, Joseph Lee of, Gtabriel Miron of, Asher Tan of CoinJar, Zennon Kapron of Kapronasia, Konrad S Graf – economist, Adam Vaziri of Neopay – Diacle, Ken Lo of, Anthony Hope of MartixVision, and Jesse Heaslip of are going to speak at the conference.

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