Bitcoin People by Meni Rosenfeld to Be Held in Tel Aviv on 12th June

Bitcoin People by Meni Rosenfeld to Be Held in Tel Aviv on 12th June
Bitcoin People by Meni Rosenfeld to Be Held in Tel Aviv on 12th June

Growing Bits

Bitcoin People, an event that talks about the digital currency and personal experiences of people busy doing their bit for the expansion, has received a lot of success. Israel which has been receiving a lot of attention thanks to its pro-Bitcoin business environment hosts several programs that are meant to encourage people to accept the digital currency.

According to an announcement Bitcoin People is going to be held at Floor 26, large lecture hall (on the left of Campus TLV reception area) in Tel Aviv and on 12th June. The three hour program will include gathering and refreshments of one hour and then Bitcoin Personal Story by Meni Rosenfeld. Post-Bitcoin personal story, there will be a free discussion.

The organizers of the event believe that with the new series of lectures, “Bitcoin people”, they aim to bring forward key people in the Bitcoin world, and examine their personal stories, what they’ve done, their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. Nonetheless, none would be the most suitable than Meni Rosenfeld, Chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association for it.

As Expected, Talk Would be in Hebrew

Interestingly, the talk won’t be in English; rather, it would be in Hebrew. However, those who cannot attend the event for various personals reasons, they don’t need to feel disappointed as the organizers say that as always it is done, the talk will be recorded. Thus, all those who could not attend the event may watch it later on.

Inviting the people who wish to attend the event, the organizers say that they must come at right time and also consider the traffic of the city in account and arrange accordingly. An event that is bringing up Bitcoin enthusiasts together provides exclusive opportunity to enjoy refreshments and socialize.


Those who come with their own vehicle are being advised to park their vehicle at the nearby Azrieli Center (7 minutes walk, about 12 NIS for the entire night).

About Meni Rosenfeld

His profile says that he is a Weizmann Institute of Science graduate with a M.Sc. in mathematics and specializes in machine learning. Regarding his work experience he says that he worked as the Head of Research of the internet startup SimilarGroup, and is now running Bitcoil, an Israeli Bitcoin exchange service.

Meni Rosenfeld says that digital wealth can only be universally accepted if it’s decentralized and Bitcoin is a perfect example for it.

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