Bitcoin News Roundup: Buy Marijuana and Yachts with Bitcoins; SecondMarket Luring Institutional Traders


Bitcoin News

Following is the major Bitcoin events that occurred between April 16th and April 17th

Marijuana Vending Machine Accept Bitcoins
Colorado’s marijuana lovers received their first Marijuana Vending Machine with a twist. This new technological marvel, dubbed as “ZaZZZ”, accepts Bitcoin and in return spill out the medical marijuana, cutting the needs of middlemen eventually. These machines include a driver license reader and video camera to confirm whether the customer is eligible to buy pot or not. Customers can also purchase the product by paying with ZaZZZ card, or cash.

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SecondMarket Tries To Capture Institutional Traders
SecondMarket opened his professional trading services to institutional traders, as it added a new Bitcoin “market making” page to their website, cleared CEO Barry Silber over the rumors that the firm has launched a new Bitcoin exchange.

SecondMarket however announced earlier that they will launch a new Bitcoin exchange later this year, which will be regulated by established U.S. authorities. According to Silber, “This is not a startup for exchange site, which SecondMarket will launch separately under a different name.” Thus, the company seeks to attract investors interested in trading by buying or selling orders for no less than 25 BTC.

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President of the Minneapolis Fed Interested in Bitcoin
The President of the Minneapolis Fed, Narayana Kocherlakota said in a conference held at the University North Dakota State University that he is interested in Bitcoin as a technology, but not as currency. The official said that the cryptocurrency could facilitate payments between individuals more quickly, but did not like the idea of it replacing the US dollar.

An $11 Million worth Yacht Available for Sale in Bitcoins
BitPremier, the platform for buying and selling luxury products, ran an ad featuring an $11 million worth yacht is available to be sold in Bitcoins. The announcement reads: “This is a great opportunity for the Bitcoin community to get a yacht that is still in the final stages of construction, which allows you to suit your tastes.”

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