Bitcoin News Mash-Up: UWW Accepting Bitcoin Donations; Bangladesh Messes with Bitcoin Users; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the latest Bitcoin news of the day

United Way Worldwide Now Accepting Donations in BTC
United Way Worldwide, one of the largest private-funded charitable organizations in the world, recently announced that they are accepting donations in Bitcoin. The San-Francisco based firm recently took its blog to convey this innovative-adaption in order to help millions of people achieve good education, financial stability and a healthy lifestyle. The blog said:

“We’re thrilled to enable the Bitcoin community to contribute to United Way’s longstanding mission of mobilizing the caring power of communities across the world to advance the common good. United Way seeks to improve education, help people achieve financial stability, and promote healthy lives through community initiatives and partnerships with major organizations such as General Electric, Exxon Mobile, and the NFL.”

Bangladesh Threatens to Imprison Bitcoin Users
In one of the most shocking events in the Bitcoin world, Bangladeshi regulators have decided to whip-off cryptocurrency users off the streets if they are found using it. The nation’s official financial body, its central bank, have put the use of Bitcoin and likewise digital currencies under the lens of money laundering laws. Amusingly, they have mandated Bitcoin as “illegal” just because of a few pessimistic media reports.

A person found guilty of using Bitcoin within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh will be sentenced up to 12 years in prison.

Silk Road 2.0 Faces Security Lapses
Silk Road 2.0 is already facing issues with its security protocol, proves the recent DDoS attack that temporarily suspended the anonymous online marketplace last week. The site’s moderator issued a statement recently, confirming the incident which indicated that their team is restoring its security systems after an alleged distributed denial-of-service attack. The moderator further added:

“Much of the downtime you have seen is intentional on our part: if this is an attempt to locate our servers through packet analysis, we do not want to make it easy for our adversary and would rather be offline while we adapt our defenses.”

BitStamp Adds Two New Features
European Bitcoin exchange BitStamp recently added two new features to its platform: Stop Orders and Trailing Stop Orders. The exchange recently took its blog to elaborate this substantial update. While Stop Order, as they explained, is an order to buy or sell BTC when its value reaches a particular point, so as to make sure that a greater probability of achieving a predetermined entry and exit price, Trailing Stop Order feature is more flexible than a fixed stop-loss because it automatically tracks the price of bitcoin address and has to be reset manually.

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