Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Yes to BitLicense; No to BitLicense; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

BitStamp Files Application for BitLicense

When a majority of the Bitcoin companies are packing their bags to leave New York, Bitcoin exchange BitStamp has decided to embrace the reason of their departure. The popular Bitcoin exchange recently informed on Twitter that it is applying for BitLicense, the widely criticized Bitcoin regulator framework of the New York City.

Kraken and BitFinex Not Applying for BitLicense

Kraken and Bitfinex , two of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, has confirmed that they would not seek BitLicense, while citing a number of reasons for there decision. For a long time, the Kraken relationship with US regulators was conflicted. in early 2014 the company decided to withdraw its services from the local market and suspend operations in US dollars until October. However, the BTC/USD trading is not yet available for the US residents. You can read more about it here.

Wynyard Group CEO: Cryptocurrency can Solve Money Laundering

The CEO of anti-crime software firm, Mr. Paul Stokes, recently elaborated the potential of UK cryptocurrency businesses in solving the money laundering crimes. He spoke about a special software that can automatically integrate the AML controls into a company’s infrastructure. This software, without need any inputs from the third parties, can monitor and alarm money movements that seem suspicious to law. You can read more about it here.