Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Yelp to Endorse Bitcoin Businesses; US Govt. Sells Bitcoins; and Many More


Bitcoin News

The following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between April 28th and April 29th

Yelp Now Lists Merchants who Accepts Bitcoin
The famous business directory Yelp (market cap: U.S. $4 billion) added a new function that will allow merchants, who accepts the digital currency Bitcoin, to advertise on its platform. The company unveiled this new release by a notice posted on its website. “For those who haven’t heard the buzz about Bitcoin,” they wrote, “it’s a new payment technology that allows consumers and businesses to make fast, secure and low-cost digital payments from any Internet-enabled device. Bitcoin also allows for consumers and businesses to transact without having to store sensitive data like a credit card number. Finally, like cash, Bitcoin’s transactions are one-way, so businesses don’t have to worry about chargebacks.”

U.S. government Sells Bitcoins Seized from Silk Road Ex-User
Cornelis Jan Slomp, a Dutch ex-user of Silk Road, pleaded guilty for importing illegal substances from the United States and also selling them in other countries between March 2012 and August 2013. The convict is likely to face the harsh penalty of 40 years in prison. Gary Hartwig, special agent in charge of the area of Homeland Security Investigations Agent in Chicago, said: “Those who mistakenly believe the anonymity of the Internet – even on the Deep Web – shields them from scrutiny are finding out they can’t evade detection in cyberspace”. According to Assistant Prosecutor in the case, Randall Sanborn, the government has already sold more than $3 million in revenue, but declined to provide details about the sale.


South Korea: Winklevoss Twins to Participate in Bitcoin Event
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss twins are scheduled next month to attend the largest conference on technology-related startups in South Korea, called beLAUNCH. Known investors will participate in a panel on Bitcoin to be named “The Tipping Point of Bitcoin”.

Agreement between the National Stock Exchange U.S. and Atlas ATS
The exchange Atlas ATS and the National Stock Exchange of the United States (NSX for short) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow NSX to regulate the exchange site. Thus, Atlas became the first North American exchange that is a fully regulated. David Harris, president and CEO of the Stock Exchange, said: “We are very excited about working with Atlas ATS and all other market participants in the digital currency space to create a framework for safe, transparent and auditable rules applied to a unique market place.”

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