Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Wikipedia Accepts Bitcoin; Overstock to Reform Stock Market; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the main Bitcoin events of the day

Wikipedia Starts Accepting Bitcoin Donations
The revolutionary website which brought the crucial information to our fingertips is now embracing another revolutionary technology. Wikipedia, the world’s most accessed encyclopedic website, has announced to accept Bitcoin donations. The news came via the official blog of The Wikimedia Foundation. The website had already hinted its interests in March for accepting donations in cryptocurrencies. Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales said on the occasion:

“Currently, we accept 13 different payment methods enabling donations from nearly every country in the world, and today, we’re adding one more: bitcoin.”

Overstock Planning to Introduce Bitcoin Technology in the Stock Market
Patrick Byrne, the proud CEO of Overstock.COM, intends to reform stock market by introducing Bitcoin technology to it. Being one of the largest online retailing company in the world, Overstock has plans to introduce the security mechanisms that are currently being used in Bitcoin to store and exchange money. “Crypto-security”, as per stated in one of the Overstock webpages, will be a method to govern stock trades by none other than the public itself. See here for more.


BitPay Now Offering Free Payment Processing
BitPay, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processing company, has launched a new pricing plan which is providing merchants with free and unlimited payment processing services. According to the reliable reports, merchants at BitPay can now use any plugin, API or app without any restrictions. The decision has been taken in the wake of growing business culture in Bitcoin economy. BitPay executive chairman Tony Gallippi further stated:

“We have set a goal to enroll 1 million merchants by the end of 2016 […] When we started BitPay in 2011, we saw an opportunity to finally give merchants around the world relief from interchange fees. By offering a basic plan that is free and unlimited, forever, we give merchants yet another reason to be excited about bitcoin.”

Japanese Police Starts Investigating Mt. Gox Lost Bitcoins
The Metropolitan Police Department Tokyo is investigating the disappearance of Mt. Gox Bitcoins. According to Wall Street Journal, a spokesman for the police confirmed that they are launching an investigation which ultimately could be related to criminal activity. Police suspect that some 27,000 BTC (about $ 15.5 million) were stolen in a hacking attempt. However, lawyers for the creditors believe that “whatever has happened seems to be an inside job.”

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