Bitcoin News Mash-Up: WikiLeaks’s another Leak; Overstock’s Donation; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place during the weekend (between June 21st and 23rd)

WikiLeaks Founder Suggested Google Chairman to Embrace Bitcoin
Julian Assange, the creator of the nonprofit media website WikiLeaks, recently revealed his age old crush on Bitcoin and how he personally tried to convince Eric Schmidt, former chairman of Google.


Google would own the planet today, said Assange. His recommendation was later recognized by Schmidt himself when he was working on a book “The New Digital World” written by Jared Cohen (former advisor to Hillary Clinton).

Overstock To Donate 3% of Their Profits to Promote Bitcoin
Patrick Byrne, CEO of online retail giant Overstock, said at the conference “Bitcoin in the Beltway” that they are planning to donate 3% of their overall Bitcoin sales to promote Bitcoin and another cryptocurrencies all around the globe. Experts are calling it a major step to boost Bitcoin economy to further levels.

Charlie Shrem Wasn’t Banned from Attending Bitcoin in the Beltway
As opposed to a report published at famous cryptocurrency news website CryptoCoinsNews.COM, Charlie Shrem wasn’t actually banned from attending the Washington DC held conference “Bitcoin in the Beltway”. Charlie himself rubbished the report while speaking in his defense. He said:

“I’m kind of disappointed [CryptoCoinsNews] didn’t reach out to me, or my lawyers, to confirm/deny the story. I thought they were moving away from speculative tabloid into being a real news source.”

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