Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Western Union Prefers Regulated Bitcoin, Swiss Government Thinks It’s Insignificant


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between June 25th and 26th

Western Union CEO Hints to Adapt Regulated Cryptocurrencies
During an interview to Bloomberg TV show, CEO of Western Union Hikmet Ersek said that his company could adopt Bitcoin for remittance service if it is regulated with proper framework. With few countries already on terms with regulating cryptocurrencies, there might be a chance that Bitcoin will integrate into the worldwide renowned services of Western Union.

Swiss Government Rubbishes Bitcoin, Calls it “Insignificant”
The latest to join the long list of Bitcoin ignorers is the Swiss Federal Council which thinks that the first ever cryptocurrency is too insignificant to legislate. The report was created in response to the postulated made by National councillors Thomas Weibel and Jean-Christophe Schwaab in 2013. The postulate then discussed about the potential risks and opportunities around Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


Intuit Introduces a New Bitcoin Service
Renowned finance management solution providing company Intuit has tied itself with the emerging alternative currency Bitcoin. The company recently announced that it is allowing its merchants to accept Bitcoin through their newly introduced service PayByBitcoin.

“Intuit is providing the connectivity and software services to direct customers to the small business operators CoinBase wallet, and to record the transactions in QuickBooks Online. Intuit will not receive or hold any funds related to the PayByCoin transactions, either in USD or bitcoins,” Intuit official blog reads.

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