Bitcoin News Mash-Up: US Court Stops Domain Auction; Provident Metal Embraces Cryptocurrencies; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events of the day

US Court Stops Bitcoins.COM Domain Auction
A district court in Seattle issued a restraining order on the auction of the famous Bitcoin domain Bitcoins.COM. The current owner of the domain is none other than Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles, who holds it via his company Tibanne KK. According to the reliable sources, the domain was scheduled to get auctioned today at Heritage Auctions; but it was cancelled at the last moment when Bitcoin start up CoinLab entered the scene and halted the sale. The company’s lawyer, Mr. Roger Townsend, said:

“We are pleased that the court entered an order requiring Tibanne to preserve and account for all of its assets, including any ownership it might have in Mt Gox, domain names or payments that it has received since the bankruptcy. This TRO sends a strong message to Tibanne that they cannot dissipate assets without the court’s approval.”


Provident Metals Starts Accepting Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Popular Gold and Silver Bullion trading company Provident Metals announced yesterday that they will be going to accept cryptocurrencies for all their services. The accepted that the cryptocurrencies which will be accepted among the payment methods at the company will be Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Provident Metals’ CEO Mr. Joe Merrick further provided their reasons for accepting digital currencies, and said:

“The value of cryptocurrencies and precious metals are market driven, and they both appeal to forward-thinking investors. This integration was logical because many of our customers are proponents of alternative currency, and it’s our job to respond to their needs.”

Barry Silbert Funded Mexican Exchange with $250,000 Million
Volabit, a cryptocurrency exchange based Mexico, recently receive a whopping funding of $250,000 million from Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, an investment company operated by none other than SecondMarket and Bitcoin Investment Fund CEO, Barry Silbert. The entrepreneur explained his reasons of funding such a huge amount to CoinDesk. He said:

“Through the use of bitcoin, Volabit has the potential to radically transform the US-Mexico remittance corridor, one of the largest money transfer corridors in the world.”

ZipZap Expands to 34 European Countries
The global transaction network ZipZap recently announced its expansion to 34 European countries. The company already has dozens of outlets around the globe that offers customers the choice to buy Bitcoin using local currency. Speaking during the announcement was the company’s Senior Vice President of Business Developement Mr. Nahynbida Simon, who said:

“ZipZap has a commitment to simplify and democratize payments worldwide. We are now enabling more consumers with the power to easily, safely and securely buy digital currencies at affordable prices using multiple payment options.”

The company had recently expanded its territory by covering Latin America as well.

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