Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Tipping SoundCloud-ians; EBA’s Statement; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

ChangeTip Adds Bitcoin Tipping Button to SoundCloud

Bitcoin tipping platform ChangeTip recently added its services to SoundCloud, an online platform to share and distribute music. Following the integration, ChangeTip users would be able to directly tip their favorite aspiring/renowned musicians — right from the comment box. It will also inspire more musicians to showcase their talents, while earning back attractive rewards for the same.

Euro Banking Association Praises Blockchain Technology

As per a recent post published by the Euro Banking Association (EBA), the Bitcoin underlying technology — the blockchain — has potential to revolutionize the banking sector. According to the organization, blockchain can reduce costs, improve product offerings and increase speediness in a banking environment. The report also predicted that banks will integrate this technology into their platforms in over the next three years.

Chip Chap Allows Users to Purchase Bitcoin in 5,000 Stores

Electronic money convertor Chip Chap recently announced to integrate Bitcoin to its services, enabling its wide user base to purchase the digital currency directly from over 5,000 stores in Mexico. Prior to this, the company was already providing a range of vouchers with payment systems like Ukash and Paynet.

ITBit CEO Opens Up about Bitcoin Regulations

After generating a whopping $25 million in funding, followed up by becoming the first licensed Bitcoin exchange in New York, ITBit surely is having a gala time in the market. Amid these times, ITBit CEO, Charles Carcarilla, took an opportunity to convey his views on the amalgamation of Bitcoin with the traditional finance system, saying that the former cannot escape latter. “Mainstream adoption is not going to happen if you circumvent the financial system, you’re going to have to be a participant in it,” he told CoinDesk. “That doesn’t mean bitcoin isn’t disruptive. It is in important and very valuable ways, but that disruption will never be able to reach its full potential unless you’re able to interface with the system.”