Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Silk Road Concerned Claims; Facebook Employee Joins BitGo; Argentina Warns Cryptocurrency Users; and More


Bitcoin News

Following are the major Bitcoin events that occurred between May 28th and May 29th.

Silk Road Claims to Have Returned 82% of Lost Bitcoins
In its latest announcement, Defcon, the moderator of anonymous online marketplace Silk Road, claimed that the marketplace had successfully returned 82% of the lost Bitcoins (equivalent of U.S. $ 2.7 million) to its customers. The coins were stolen in a computer attack that took place a few months ago. The moderator also confirmed to return the rest of the lost coins to the customers within the next 30 days.


Ban Davenport Jumps from Facebook to BitGo
Software engineer and startup investor Ben Davenport recently bid farewell to Facebook after a period of three years. He left the massive social networking website only to join as the Product Manager and co-founder at BitGo, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations to keep their insurance bitcoins.

Tourist Place Bali Might Just Accept Bitcoins in Future
Tourists traveling to the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia could, in the future, just take bitcoins from te tourists. A new initiative called “Bitislands” aims to convince all local businesses to accept cryptocurrencies, including exchange houses. While there are many plans in the world to create “Bitcoin Boulevards” – neighborhoods where bitcoins are accepted,-this is yet the first attempt of its kind. This social experiment is sponsored by (also known as Bitcoin Indonesia), the largest Indonesian exchange.

Argentina Central Bank Warns Public of Cryptocurrencies
Argentina Central Bank issued a warning to people, informing them about the risks involved with the virtual currencies. According to the statement by the bank, Bitcoin and other similar coins do not have any regulation, since they are not issued by the Central Bank or any other international monetary authorities.

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