Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Retweets to Free Silk Road Official; Hong Kong’s “Transparent” Exchange; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 5th and 7th

Roger View to Donate $10/Tweet to Release Silk Road Official
Roger View, a not-so-random Bitcoin fan, has announced to donate $10 for his retweet, in which he is asking authorities to release Silk Road alleged official Ross Ulbricht from jail. The man calls him a hero urgently in need to compassion. View’s family is also managing FreeRoss.ORG, a website to amplify the campaign to free Ross Ulbricht by raising funds from the supporters. The accused have previously pleaded non-guilty and his trail is scheduled to start November 3 this year.


Hong Kong Exchange Brings Transparency to Cryptocurrency Markets
A new cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong, still in its beta phase, is already making news for bringing the most innovative and transparent features on its platform. According to the available reports, the exchange is introducing a new system that allows users to verify the stocks of the company, in which the data is updated every half an hour. The exchange’s balance sheets, order and transaction data, amongst various other documents will be made public, as confirmed by their founder Daniel Wang.

Reddit User Recovers 800 Bitcoins
We once reported of an incidence in which a Reddit user, dubbed as “The DJFC”, accidentally sent 800 BTC to the Mt. Gox account. Soon after the incident, the user pleaded for help on various forums, and the cause was later supported by the industry’s big wigs like BTC China CEO Bobby Lee, and even by the former CEO of Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles as well, leading to which the man recovered its lost money.

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