Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Primary School Accepts Bitcoin; Charlie Shrem Pleads Not Guilty


Bitcoin News

This section includes the major Bitcoin events that took place between April 29th and April 30th.

Cyprus: Primary School Accepts Bitcoin
Cyprus’s Limassol based The Lighthouse Progressive Primary School recently announced to accept Bitcoin as payment for monthly student fees. The educational body is known to offer a comprehensive educational experience for children between the ages 5 and 12 years. The news was announced in the Reddit Bitcoin sub-forum by Marios Neocleous, parent of a student at The Lighthouse School, who suggested to the authorities of the institution to accept cryptocurrencies.

Stefan Molyneux YouTube Channel Reappeared
Freedomain Radio, the official YouTube channel of the Canadian philosopher Stefan Molyneux, reappeared after disappearing for a few hours. The online space, in which the libertarian intellectual freely express their views, has over 150,000 subscribers and over 50 million downloads. It is suspected that the channel was removed due to a controversial speech given by Molyneux last Friday in Amsterdam, Netherlands, entitled “Bitcoin vs. Political Power.” Removal of channel triggered a wave of criticism from philosopher’s fans and listeners worldwide, after which the channel was restored to its online space.


Charlie Shrem Pleads Not Guilty in Courthouse
Charlie Shrem, former vice president of the Bitcoin Foundation and former CEO of BitInstant, pleaded not guilty before the Federal Court in Manhattan, New York, United States. The young entrepreneur is charged for alleged money laundering worth over USD 1 million. Shrem’s trial will now be held on September 22 this year.

FinCEN: “Mining Services Are Not Money Transmitters”
FinCEN, a state agency allocated for monitoring financial crimes in the United States, issued new rulings to indicate that both the cloud mining and escrow services [related to Bitcoin] should not be considered money transmitters. The announcements come after requests from some companies regarding to further clarify the FinCEN policies.

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