Bitcoin News Mash-Up – NEA’s Huge Investment; Dorian Nakamoto Overwhelmed; Europe’s First Bitcoin Center


Bitcoin News

This section covers a mash-up of the major Bitcoin events that took place between April 22nd and 23rd.

NEA Investing a Huge Sum in Bitcoin
The United States’ largest private equity firm New Enterprise Associates, known to many as NEA, has shown interest towards investing a huge sum in the growing Bitcoin market. The unpredicted announcement was first voiced by SecondMarket and BIT founder CEO Barry Silbert during his interview to CNBC’s pre-market news and talk program Squawk Box.

Dorian Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoiners
Wrongly identified as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in one of the Newsweek articles, retired Southern Californian workman Dorian Nakamoto finally appeared before public in a YouTube video. Beside him was Andreas Antonopoulous who recently organized a fundraiser to compensate for the inconvenience the unoriginal Nakamoto faced. The fundraiser managed to raise a whopping 47.5 BTC for Dorian Nakamoto, the gratitude of which the man returned with the aforementioned YouTube video.


He said: “I’m not Satoshi Nakamoto, as portrayed,” he said. “My name is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. And of course, if I was the real creator, I would never use my real name. So from that point of you, I’m sure you guys would know that Satoshi Nakamoto is not me.”

Charlie Shrem Attended Premier of the New Bitcoin Documentary
The celebrated and controversial Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem was finally able to take some break off his ongoing house arrest. The man, who is facing the money laundering allegations to facilitate the purchase of drugs in Silk Road, was given permission by the local court to attend the premiere of the new documentary on Bitcoin, titled “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”

Europe’s First Bitcoin Center Arrives in France
If everything goes fine, Europe will have its first Bitcoin center, named La Maison du Bitcoin (“The House of Bitcoin”) in Paris. The idea is proposed by cryptocurrency advocates and entrepreneurs Thomas France and Eric Larchebeque – both of whom have previously created Pixing, an application to compare prices and make purchase online. The site of the upcoming Bitcoin center stretches at approx. 220 square meters and is located in the heart of the French Capital. The center will provide a space for organizing work, support for businesses related to cryptocurrencies, workshops, Bitcoin events and meet ups, as well as Bitcoin ATMs.

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