Bitcoin News Mash-Up: LinkedIn Co-Founder Loves Bitcoin; Coinbase’s 1.5 Million Wallets; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 14th and 15th

LinkedIn Co-Founder Thinks Bitcoin is Amazing
Reid Hoffman, co-founder of the popular business social network LinkedIn, expressed his amazement towards Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC. The celebrated entrepreneur, who is also a key investor in companies like Facebook and Greylock Partners, accepted his interests in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which started somewhere around last year. He said:

“I think it’s an incredible system that’s created a ledger that is across – a distributed ledger across the whole world for it can be money but it can also be other things.”


Isle of Man Announces to Host Crypto Valley Summit
Bitcoin-friendly territory Isle of Man is known for providing the cryptocurrency communities a flexible environment to run Bitcoin businesses and trades. The self-governing island has once again entered the tabloid section with its announcement of hosting the upcoming Crypto Valley Summit. The event will be mainly supported by KPMG, a renowned audit service company. Meanwhile, it will generate more opportunities for Bitcoin businesses to start new ventures in a well-regulated jurisdiction.

Coinbase Wallet Support Hit the 1.5 Million Mark
The growing territory of Bitcoin got a further push from Coinbase. The renowned Bitcoin trading platform announced recently that its users have downloaded over 1.5 million wallets since their inception in 2013. The news clearly demonstrated the growing influence of Bitcoin in the day-to-day economy.

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