Bitcoin News Mash-up: Land Registration; Kind Russia; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Honduras Plans to Utilize Blockchain Technology for Keeping Land Records

Honduras, one of the weakest economies in the American region, has decided to adopt Bitcoin’s underlying technology — the blockchain — for maintaining their land records. The country has therefore made a deal with Factom, a Texas-based Bitcoin company, that will help them design the aforementioned protocol. “In the past, Honduras has struggled with land title fraud,” said President Peter Kirby. “The country’s database was basically hacked. So bureaucrats could get in there and they could get themselves beachfront properties.”

Russian Lifts Ban from Blocked Bitcoin Websites

A regional court in Russia recently lifted the ban from a number of Bitcoin websites that fell under the strict government’s purview last year. The beneficent websites are, and The event however is speculated to go unnoticed during the ongoing debate against the digital currency in Russia. Last year, the nation has imposed criminal penalties on the Bitcoin users.

Hackaday Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Renowned technology website Hackaday recent began accepting Bitcoin on its online store. The announcement came through its blog that read: “Yes, we have a store, loaded up with swag, tools, and cool toys. We’re always stocking more  If you have coin sitting around, you can pick up a great little logic analyzer, a 3D printer, an ingenius two channel multimeter, ESP8266 boards, the ever popular Hackaday swag and a ton more. That 3D printer will cost you ฿3.75. A Mooshimeter is just ฿0.50.”