Bitcoin News Mash-Up: ITBit Moves to New York; French Police Arrests Bitcoin Entrepreneurs; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 7th and 8th

ITBit Moves to New York
The renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform ITBit has decided to relocate its headquarters to New York. It was earlier erected in Singapore, but the exchange’s official preferred New York for being the capital of world trading. The move however surprised many as Singapore is considered to be a compatible place to conduct cryptocurrency operations. However, the exchange’s founding partner said:

“We planted roots in bitcoin-friendly Singapore with Rich Teo leading the charge, building the company, the service, and partnerships around the world. He established our presence in Asia, and brought our vision to reality as we opened up the service to customers for the first time seven months ago.”


French Police Shutdown Illegal Bitcoin Exchange
In one of the first operations against Bitcoin in Europe, French Police dismantled an allegedly illegal Bitcoin exchange, and seized around 388 Bitcoin as well. The law enforcement agency also arrested two individuals during the operation. Both are accused of operating an illegal website whose functionality was to sell and loan Bitcoins.

Report: Mt. Gox Paid around $200,000 to Its Parent Company
According to a leaked report, the long gone Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has recently paid nearly $200,000 to its parent company KK Tibanne, right after declaring bankruptcy. The real shock however came when the report mentioned Mt. Gox former CEO Mark Karpeles as the rightful owner of Tibanne.

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