Bitcoin News Mash-Up: GHash.IO Commits 40% Hashrate; Hotel Chain Starts Accepting Bitcoin; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 16th and 17th

Bitcoin Giants Meet to Discuss 51% Attack Issues
A conference was recently held to address the ongoing fury inside the Bitcoin market regarding a 51% attack. The meeting was organized by Bitcoin mining service provider GHash.IO which recently was in controversy for unethically occupying the largest portion of Bitcoin hashrate. The organization invited several other Bitcoin companies, including Bitcoin mining service provider Peernova, mining hardware manufacturers KnCMiner and SpoondliesTech, and Bitcoin Foundation.


GHash.IO eventually vowed never to exceed its hashrate participation to 39.99% of the total Bitcoin network.

Renowned Canadian Hotel Chain Opens Doors for Bitcoin
Renowned Canadian hotel chain Sandman Hotel Group recently announced to add Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. Following this amendment, guests will now be able to book accommodation using the cryptocurrency throughout Canada using the payment processor Coinbase. Salim Kassam, the marketing VP of Sandman Hotel Group, said:

“Vancouver hosted the TED talk summit earlier this year. This event brought a diverse and tech savvy group of travelers and presenters to the city. Our hotels had a number of enquiries regarding payment through alternative payments including bitcoin. As a customer focused company with an eye on technology, we decided to incorporate this emerging technology as a payment option.”

TradeBlock Receives $2.8 Million in Funding
Renowned cryptocurrency trading website TradeBlock received $2.8 million in funding under a new investment round led by Mark Andreessen of venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz, Second Market CEO Barry Silbert, as well as Devonshire Investors and FinTech Collective. With the new investment, TradeBlock will now focus on improving its management system for OTC trading.

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