Bitcoin News Mash-Up: FXBTC Criticizes PBOC; Bitcoin as a Terrorism Financier


Bitcoin News

The following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between May 2nd and May 5th.

CoinPip and 37coins Offering Bitcoins Payment Service via SMS
Singapore based payment processor CoinPip recently introduced a new feature that allows users to send Bitcoins through text messages. This tool is integrated with the “SMSwallet” system developed by 37coins, an American company dedicated to bringing technological innovations. Anson Zeall, CoinPip co-founder, said: “The mobile market in Southeast Asia is massive but the usage of smartphones is still lagging. So QR code scanning is not that useful. Thus the collaboration with 37coins is going to make payments more convenient for everyone else.”


U.S. Defense Department Doubts Bitcoin as a Potential Terrorist Threat
According to data published by the International Business Times, the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office of the U.S. Defense Department is conducting an investigation that includes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This investigation is to understand whether new technologies could pose a threat to national security or not. Although until now, there is no evidence of Bitcoin being used in financing terrorism, as feared by many officials.

FXBTC Criticizes Chinese Central Bank for Bullying
The FXBTC China announced on Friday that it will be closing down on May 10 due to certain banking restrictions and “unprecedented pressure” by People Bank of China (PBOC). The company issued a statement in which he criticizes the Chinese central bank and responsible for the situation: “The website has been online for over a year, and has continually earned customer support despite running into problems; however, no matter how hard we work, when faced with the PBOC’s blockade, we are essentially powerless.”

Bitcoin to be the Show Stopper at the Upcoming CNBC-hosted Conference
The news network CNBC is hosting a conference called “Exponential Finance Conference” which will take place on 10 and 11 June and will address the impact of disruptive technologies on Wall Street. Bitcoin will be among the highlights of the event as it will be attended by distinguished speakers related to cryptocurrency sector.

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