Bitcoin News Mash-Up: First Bitcoin Government Office Announced; Bitcoin Reaches West Africa; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 19th and 21st

First Bitcoin Government Office Opened
Chicago based The North American Bitcoin Conference was opened last Saturday along with the announcement of the first Bitcoin government affair’s office, providing this digital currency the much needed landscape it needed. The Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC is founded and governed by Ms Perianne Boring. She said:

“Many of you have expressed your concern about the lack of representation in Washington D.C. Make no mistake that the digital currency industry is at great political and regulatory risk.”

Sierra Leone Starts Accepting Bitcoins
Bitcoin’s success in Africa has turned out to be the most discussed topic on internet lately, probably because of the ability of the cryptocurrency to transform the financial climate of the continent into something good. Such expectations are gradually beginning to find grounds when local businesses are showing interest towards accepting Bitcoins as one of the payment methods.



Adding to this league is Sierra Leone, a renowned fashion accessory company which recently announced to accept Bitcoin. The company will be using BitPay as its third party payment processor. On the occasion, Sierra Leone’s co-founder commented:

“I personally am a big believer in the potential of bitcoin to leapfrog the existing financial infrastructure across sub-Saharan Africa. I’m not sure how quickly this will happen but in five years per se I could see a world where everyone has a bitcoin account tied to a cell phone, even in northern Sierra Leone where our fabrics are made. I could place orders from New York – which I do already – and also make payments.”

OKCoin Announces to Add BTC/USD and LTC/USD Trading Instruments
Renowned Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin recently took North American Bitcoin Conference as a platform to announce its forthcoming plans of adding new trading instruments. According to their announcement, customers will now be able to exchange Bitcoin and Litecoin with US Dollars. This service will be especially dedicated to the OKCoin’s widespread customer base in the USA. However, experts believe that the cryptocurrency exchange will face some troubles due to strict Bitcoin regulations imposed by US financial authorities.

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