Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Factom Crowdsale; Corrupted Feds; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Only Bitcoin for Boost VC; UK Survey; and More

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Factom Crowdsale Raises 580 BTC in One Day

Bitcoin blockchain based data recording company Factom recently raised around 580 BTC, an equivalent of roughly $140,000, on its very day of crowdsale. The event sold Factom’s home-grown tokens to customers, who will later be allowed to use them upon its beta release. You can read the full report here.

Silk Road Destroyers Turned Out Be Fraudulent Themselves

Months after the shutdown of Silk Road, the notorious online drug marketplace, there are news emerging of the involvement of two ex DEA agents in stealing the black market’s Bitcoins. Both the undercover agents, Carl Mark IV Force and Shaun Bridges, have now been arrested on the charges of money laundering and fraud. You can read the full report here.

Overstock Invests Huge Sum into Peernova

US retail company Overstock recently invested $5,000,000 in Peernova, specializing in the Bitcoin blockchain technology in a second round of Series A funding. Peernova company arose through a merger between the supplier of mining contracts CloudHashing and ASIC hardware designer HighBitcoin early 2014. You can read the full report here.