Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BitPesa’s Gifts for Kenyans; Charity for Children’s Villages; New ATM in Beijing


Bitcoin News

The following are the major Bitcoin events that took place over the weekend.

Kenya: BitPesa Launches Beta Test
BitPesa, the renowned Bitcoin remittance service provider in Kenya, has recently launched its beta test. The company this time is addressing the Kenyans living abroad by offering them affordable services to send money back home. According to reliable reports published at The Wall Street Journal, the Kenyan emigrants send around $1,170 billion annually to their homes which proves to be very costly (almost 9% gets cut in commission for third parties). BitPesa, on the other hand, removes such heavy costs off such personal transactions and offers a rather convenient, cost-friendly method to send money by using Bitcoin protocol.

Botswana: Bitcoin Enthusiast Donates Digital Money for Children’s Villages
Alakanini Itireleng a renowned Bitcoin enthusiast, decided to donate a substantial amount to the organization SOS Children’s Villages of Botswana. This organization was founded in 1980 and since then is taking care for orphaned, abandoned and destitute children. “I want to help make this project a reality mot only or those children in SOS but to show that bitcoin is the right and only authentic way of building the community, the funds raised go straight to where they are needed,” said Itireleng.


Bitcoin ATM Arrives in Beijing
An ATM for buying and selling bitcoins, manufactured by the renowned U.S. Company Robocoin was launched in Beijing. The machine performs a series of biometric measurements to enforce daily buying/selling limits and also to track possible activities related to “money laundering”.

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