Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin Successful at Expedia; Leniency of Russia; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 2nd and 3rd

Expedia Executive VP Praises Bitcoin
In his interview to Coindesk, Expedia’s Executive Vice President Mr. Michael Gulmann spoke highly of Bitcoin, while mentioning its wonderful performance in the company lately. The travel planning website has recently added Bitcoin on their platform, only to be used as a payment method for making hotel reservations.


The company was planning to expand Bitcoin services if it performs well in its initial phases, which it ultimately did. Mr. Gulmann commented:

“We did some estimates based on the size of Overstock and the size of Expedia, and came up with our own estimates of what we could expect, and we’re meeting and exceeding those.”

Russians GoSmooth on Bitcoin
To everyone’s surprise, Russian finance authorities are easing their measures taken in the past against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to the Wall Street Journal, Central Bank of Russia has hinted to stay away from banning virtual currencies on their soil. The bank’s vice president Georgy Luntovsky said:

“At this stage we need to watch how the situation develops with these kinds of currencies. These instruments should not be rejected.”

Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer Launches Open Source Platform
Lamassu, one of the leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturers around, announced the launch of a new open source software platform RAKIA, which will allow customers to buy Bitcoins with fiat currencies within seconds. The most important thing to note in this service is the independency of nodes, making the entire procedure decentralized.

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