Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin Policies Strengthen; Circle Ex-Official Charged; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Coin Center Gets a New Benefactor in Bitcoin

Coin Center recently introduced OKLink, the subsidiary of Bitcoin Exchange OkCoin, as the first international company to be enlisted as its benefactor. The nonprofit Bitcoin advocacy group made this announcement in its latest blog, where it also raised the need to be lobby a light Bitcoin regulation law among policymakers — something that doesn’t put obstruction before the innovation in payment technologies.

SEC Sacks Former Circle Official over Investment Fraud

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently sued Iftikar Ahmed, a former employee of Circle, over his alleged involvement in an investment fraud. According to Fed’s official press release, the accused illicitly profited $1m through inside trading in Oak Investment Partners, a company in which he was a General Partner. Incidentally, Oak was the same company which contributed around $17 million in Bitcoin startup Circle.

Xapo Relocates to Switzerland

Bitcoin wallet service provider Xapo recently relocated its headquarters from US to Switzerland. In its explanation, the company said that it was looking towards working in a neutral and stable environment. Reportedly, Xapo was somewhat in a deadlock while resolving a conflict between its older consumer policies and a new Californian bill. As the company’s CEO Wences Casares told CoinDesk, their customers were worried about a clause in the Bitcoin bill that asked companies to reveal their personal information to the government.