Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin for Music, Politics and Much More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between July 11th and 14th

Grooveshark Now Accepting Bitcoins
The renowned music streaming company Grooveshark recent announced to integrate Bitcoin payment in its services, making itself one of the first music companies to accept cryptocurrencies. Though, the company hasn’t associated with any third party payment service, like most of the other businesses.


Grooveshark also haven’t made any update on its website regarding the digital currency acceptance, but some of their customers have revealed that the company is communicating with them regarding the new service.

Aspiring Politician in US Accepting Donations Only In Bitcoins
Dan Alder, one of the candidates in upcoming elections in Missouri, announced about his interests in accepting donations for its campaign only in Bitcoins. He openly stated his crush on the digital currencies and how well he thinks of their true potential. He said:

“I’m accepting BTC donations to solely fund my campaign to take a stance against the Federal Reserve and its policies which have weakened the US dollar. I want to stand before Congress, sponsor and support competing currency legislation, and remove any legal confusion for US citizens wishing to use bitcoin. The IRS still sees bitcoin as property, not currency, and the FEC hasn’t decided how to treat bitcoin in regards to political campaigns. I want to deal with issues like these to make bitcoin a true competitor of the US dollar.”

Netagio Launches New Bitcoin Trading Exchange
Renowned Bitcoin storage provider Netagio, backed by Gripo GoldMoney, launched a new platform which offers people to trade in Bitcoin, Sterling and Gold. Furthermore, the company is offering its customers three different portfolios. Netagio CEO Mr. Simon Hamblin further stated:

“[Investors] want to take advantage of the opportunities available from being able to trade between the asset classes on a single continuous exchange, any time of day or night.”

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