Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BF Criticized; Bitcoin Regulations Questioned; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Board Member Slams Bitcoin Foundation over Lack of Transparency

Olivier Janssens, a businessman who recently joined the Bitcoin Foundation as its board member, recently thrashed the organization for its lack of transparency. In his letter, titled “The Truth about the Bitcoin Foundation”, Janssens accused that the organization is not able to meet even its own meeting protocols to enhance the transparency. He further stated that foundation has gone bankrupt.

Company Files Online Petition against Californian Bitcoin Bill

Buttonwood SF, a p2p cryptocurrency trading platform, has filed an online petition against a soon-to-be-discussed Bitcoin regulation proposal in California. Earlier, it was said that Californian lawmakers are planning to bring the digital currency under the Money Transmission Act. The law, if comes into effect, would directly impact the operational capabilities of Californian Bitcoin companies, especially the new startups that cannot afford to pay the hefty license fee, $5,000, as described in the proposal.

Online Gambling Company Offering Instant Bitcoin-to-Fiat Conversions

Betkurus, a Bitcoin-based online gambling and betting platform, recently started a service that permits users to instantly convert their bitcoins with fiat money. The firm is part of the company based in Curacao NV Digitalsport Entertainment. CoinMatrix Betkurus now works with a payment solutions provider based in Hong Kong, which invested US $670,000 in Digitalsport Entertainment NV. This partnership allows users Betkurus to convert bitcoins to any fiat currency in real time through the CoinMatrix network.