Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Beijing Summit a Success; Paying Utility Bills becomes Easy; Bitcoin Foundation Stirred over Current Leadership


Bitcoin News

The following are the major Bitcoin events that took place this weekend.

Beijing Bitcoin Summit turns out be a Success despite Chinese Restrictions
Closing your eyes on the sun doesn’t mean the sun hasn’t risen yet. The same can be said about the much talked about Bitcoin Summit that recently took place in its outlawed zone China. It has been just weeks when the Chinese Central Bank took a stiff stand against the Bitcoin exchanges, and ordered them to stop taking services from the nation’s local banks. The dictatorial government further made efforts to cut-off the expected media coverage the Beijing’s Bitcoin Summit was hopeful to receive. But despite of all their efforts, it has been reported that the summit was attended by a large number of local Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Now Pay Utility Bills with Bitcoins in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand
Aiming to gather the attention of day-to-day consumers, a new platform that goes by the name of ‘Living Room of Satoshi’ has started to offer services that allow people to pay their utility bills (such as phone, gas, electricity, education fees, etc.) using Bitcoin.

As per the information available on the website, users will only require to follow three simple steps to pay their bills without commissions. This platform is associated with the well-know BPAY service, based in Australia. The similar service is also made available in Thailand and Indonesia, though under different names.

Saxo Bank CEO Criticizes Bitcoin
In an interview to FXWeek, the CEO of Saxo Bank, Lars Seier Christensen, said that Bitcoin’s liquidity issues are a major reason why commercial banks are keeping a distance from it. “I’m not really sure that an exchange is, at this point, the most efficient way to get a market in here,” he said. “The key question is the liquidity aspect – who is buying and selling these currencies? The exchange initiatives are very thin in liquidity.”

Bitcoin Foundation Splits over Current Leadership
According to a post published on the Bitcoin Forum Foundation, there are few members of the Bitcoin Foundation that are said to have submitted their resignation due to their dissatisfaction with the current management appointments. Among the various reasons, most of the ex-members are not agreeing to associate with the members who have been encircled previously by the law. The dissatisfaction directly points at the appointment of Mr. Brock Pierce for his selection among the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors.

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