Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Australian Stock Exchange Lists Bitcoin Company; Holiday Inn Branch Accepts Bitcoin


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin events that took place between June 14th and 16th

Bitcoin Company Now Listed on Major Stock Exchange
Adding one more proud moment for Bitcoin in series of many, a company, which goes by the name of DigitalBTC, recently got listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The fortunate Bitcoin based firm has been actively involved in providing Bitcoin mining services, as well as trading and application development services for businesses and individuals alike.

“We’ve made a great start for DigitalBTC, aggressively expanding our early bitcoin-focused operations, for some very good results. So much so that we are now one of the largest bitcoin miners in the world,” said DigitalBTC founder Mr. Zhenya Tsvetnenko.

New York Based Hotel Now Accepts Bitcoin
Controversially renowned Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem’s persuaded the famous US hotel chain Holiday Inn to accept Bitcoin in one of its locations in New York. The announcement came during Shrem’s interaction with the audience at the Bitcoin Fair which took place at the Hester Street fair.


Shrem confirmed Park Slope Holiday Inn, Union Street, will soon be entertaining guests with this new form of payment mode. He stated:

“The hotel caters to European tourists and one of the things they are excited about is the fee savings and mitigating chargeback risk. Accepting a European credit card comes with almost double the fees as US credit cards and much more chargeback risk.”

BlockChain.INFO Launch Bitcoin.COM
The service portfolio Bitcoin BlockChain.INFO officially launched its website Bitcoin.COM, a portal for learning the basics of cryptocurrencies in at least 70 different languages. Previously, the site was used by the payment processor and service portfolios. Earlier this year, Blockchain announced the signing of an agreement to manage the domain for 5 years.

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