Bitcoin News Mash-Up: SumUp Adds Bitcoin; Google-Bitcoin Meets Again; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: SumUp Adds Bitcoin; Google-Bitcoin Meets Again; and More

Following are the major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of the day

SumUp Partners with BitPay to Add Bitcoin Services
SumUp, European-based mobile point-of-sale company, announced to accept Bitcoin as payment for their world-class services. Keeping the same in mind, the company also signed a partnership deal with the famous Bitcoin processor BitPay to ensure hassle free and speedy transactions and conversions. SumUp will be among the first companies to ink an official deal with BitPay post their NFC service announcement. The company’s founder and CEO Daniel Klein said:

“SumUp’s mission is to enable our merchants to accept any kind of payments in a frictionless way. We have now taken the next step towards this mission by integration BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment processor in the world. We are delighted that our merchants can now not only accept all major debit and credit cards but also Bitcoins.”

Online Store Starts Selling Google Play Gift Cards for Bitcoin
Yotta Electronics, a Bitcoin-centric online electronic store, recently added Google Play gift cards to its stocks. Unlike other retails, Yotta is known to avoid converting their Bitcoin sales into fiat currency and is believed to continue its tradition in case of Google Play gift cards as well. They were already selling a range of high-in-demand products for Bitcoin, including iTunes gift cards, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and other electronic items and video games.

BTC.SX Associates with BitFinex
BTC.SX, a London-based trading platform, announced to partner with cryptocurrency exchange BitFinex, following the former will be able to trade leveraged BTC/USD positions on the latter’s order book. BitFinex Business Development VP Josh Rossi said:

“We love being able to empower innovative startups, like, to do what they do best: interact with their customers. Together, with access to our very deep pools of liquidity, and innovative enterprise-level features, we think that this will hopefully help them to expand very rapidly.”

DigitalTangible Expands Operations to Europe
Digital Tangible is a San Francisco-based company that allows its customers to own precious metals and properties on blockchain. Now, the company is planning to expand its innovative operations into the European market, for which it has partnered with two local firms there – Bitglid (Netherlands) and BitcoinCommodities (Germany). DigitalTangible is trusting the Counterparty, Colored Coins and Mastercoin protocol for recording gold and silver purchases on the blockchain.

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