Bitcoin News Mash-Up: New Android App; US Army’s Interest in Bitcoin; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the most prominent Bitcoin news of the day

SatoshiLabs myTrezor Launched Android App
SatoshiLabs myTrezor recently launched an Android-based application that allows users to accept Bitcoin payments, while cutting away the need of carrying a TREZOR device around. The aforementioned app generates a new address for each transaction, and also allows users to see the transaction history and balanced with individual addresses. The application is available to download from Google Play Store.

Kryptoradio Now Transmitting Finnish Cryptocurrency
Finland-based Kryptoradio is a protocol dedicated to the transmission of Bitcoin payments using radio waves. This technological marvel is created by Joel Lehtonen is now also installing this technology in transferring a national Finnish cryptocurrency. He has also inked a deal with Finnish broadcaster Digital to ensure a successful transaction across digital networks.

USA Army Taking Interest in Bitcoin Technology
NBC News recently published a report which revealed how US Armed Forces is deeply studying the technology centered on Bitcoin. Though providing no good news, the report “reportedly” also describes the research to be more inclined towards finding the role of Bitcoin in financing terrorism. For the same reason, Bitcoin Foundation’s Director of General Policy Mr. Jim Harper, also made a visit to Florida to participate in a debate with military people. An anonymous military official told NBC News about their research in understand the true scope of Bitcoin, citing their concerns in Syria and Iraq which might be using block chain technology in funding their malicious plans.

Pheeva Launched Bitcoin Wallet for Georgia Tech University
Love Will, Inc., the team behind the famous Bitcoin wallet service Pheeva, has launched a portfolio for students from Georgia Tech University, dubbed as “The Jacket Wallet”. The product was officially launched on September 24th in an event organized by a university group dedicated to Bitcoin. Mallika Sen, founder of the group, told CoinDesk.COM:

“There’s a wide variety of students and people who are interested in bitcoin. They’re very encouraging.”

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