Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Lamassu’s New Association; CoinCorner Accepts Credit/Debit Cards; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Lamassu’s New Association; CoinCorner Accepting Credit/Debit Cards; and More

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Lamassu Partners with Fraud Prevention Company
Bitcoin ATM provider Lamassu recently inked a deal with fraud prevention company IdentityMind Global, following which the former will integrate new security features to over 200 ATMs all across the world. The new security protocol contains a multitude of protection features, such as Know-Your-Customer, transaction monitoring and sanctions, automated services, suspicious transaction reports, and anti-fraud. This integration also allows operators to legally operate anywhere around the world. Zach Harvey, the CEO of Lamassu, says:

“It has always been important for us not to burden the end-users of our machines with a complicated or intrusive compliance solution. This integration allows us to provide our operators with an affordable and quality solution that fits the Lamassu user experience. It’s fast, it’s intuitive and it’s easy.”

CoinCorner Now Accepting Credit/Debit Card Payments
CoinCorner, a British exchange based in the Isle of Man, is now offering its customers to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with debit and credit cards. The new option was launched recently, and eventually turned CoinCorner into one of the few Bitcoin exchanges to accept direct card payments for digital currencies. Earlier, Bittilicious also incorporated a similar service to its platform. Meanwhile, customers can also use traditional payment methods to buy Bitcoin and altcoins.

First US Bitcoin Debit Card Planned Over a Partnership Deal
Alternet Systems Inc. announced an agreement with Wildcard Consulting, Inc. to launch America’s first Bitcoin ATM debit card. The new system will be designed to operate in compliance with banking and federal regulations. Henryk Dabrowski, CEO of Alternet Systems, supported the move by saying that such advancements could prove to be evolutionary for Bitcoin, especially when its value in being integrated with USD and other fiat currencies.

“Alternet Financial Services will focus exclusively on marketing and selling these services,” he added. “We believe the time has come for holders of Bitcoin to be able to exchange their digital currency for other assets seamlessly.”

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