Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Grave Transaction Error; Multimillion Investment; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Huobi Sends BTC and LTC to Wrong Accounts
Huobi, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in China, recently revealed their mistake of sending a $400,000 worth of Bitcoin and Litecoin to wrong accounts. The exchange however also informed a successful recovery of those 920 BTC and 8100 LTC. The digital money was erroneously sent to over 27 accounts. On Wednesday, Huobi’s security department received a warning that prompted the temporary suspension of those withdrawals. After an investigation, customers who received the coins by-mistakenly returned them peacefully. Huobi apologized later for the entire event.

Coinify Receives Multimillion Dollar Investment
The Danish-based exchange and payment processing company Coinify informed its followers about the recent multimillion dollar investment it received by a local company, Seed Capital. This additional investment has indeed brought Coinify among the top digital currency companies in Europe. Furthermore, the exchange is already providing services to over 6000 merchants and 7000 consumers. Richard Breiter, Seed Capital’s investment manager, said:

“The internet protocol revolutionized the way we communicate, and the Bitcoin protocol can revolutionize the way we transfer unique digital assets from one internet user to another. Potentially all transactions could in the future be done in virtual currencies. That is a development we have to be a part of, and at SEED Capital we are comfortable being at the forefront of technological development.”

OKCoin Surpasses Competitors in Bitcoin Volume
The internationally-renowned Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin recently went ahead of its competitors in terms of Bitcoin volume. The exchange carried our transactions, nearly worth 16,000 BTC while its nearby competitors like BitStamp and BitFines managed to make only 14,700 BTC and 15,000 BTC, respectively.

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