Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Employees Prefer Bitcoins; Project to Secure Bitcoins; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the latest Bitcoin news of the day

Study: More Employees Prefer Wages in Bitcoins
According to the payroll payment service provider Wagepoint, employees connected to their services are slowly being inclined towards Bitcoin, and prefer to receive wages via the same medium. Amusingly, these small but significant numbers of employees are overruling Canadian Dollar for the same, says the Waterloo-based company. Sharad Rao, Wagepoint’s CEO, told CTV News:

“When we started off, we didn’t even think we’ll get one. What’s interesting is that we’ve actually had customers come to us because of the (Bitcoin) integration, which we were not expecting at all.”

Now Store Private Keys on Vinyl
Security breaches have been the most troublesome fact inside the cryptocurrency market. While many newly launched coins are openly claiming to address such issues, there is very less done when it come to real world. Sound Wallet is yet another attempt to bring utmost security for Bitcoins. But indeed, it seems very innovative when being compared to previous ventures. What Sound Wallet actually does is storing Bitcoin and similar private keys by first encrypting them, and then stores them in CDs and 7-inch vinyl disks.

Hacked Celebrity Pictures Sold in Bitcoins
An anonymous hacker recently sold naked pictures of various celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton, in Bitcoins. There have been no reports about how he managed to get access to such private content before deciding to distribute. The only footprints media could see was hacker posting the pictures on 4chan, for which he subsequently received an overall donation of 0.2545 BTC. Incidentally, there was another hacker who hijacked this idea and sold a few more celeb pictures on a thread, once again in exchange of Bitcoins.

Apparently, iCloud would be partly responsible, but it is not yet clear whether it could be a failure of specific security or misuse of the “lost password”. Apple still has not made statements about what happened. This incident is a good reminder to keep the sensitive material safe and out of the cloud.

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