Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Coinapult New Service; Cryptocurrency Seminar; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Coinapult New Service; Cryptocurrency Seminar; and More

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Now Transfer Bitcoins via SMS using Coinapult
The payment processor company Coinapult recently launched a new service that allows users to send Bitcoins via SMS. This feature will indeed cut requirements of having an internet connection, when one needs to transfer digital currencies from one wallet to another. The company issued the following statement:

“Send BTC by SMS – a new, global service from Coinapult that operates through plain old [text message], no need for a data plan. Bitcoin can boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.”

Gibraltar to Host Its First Digital Currency Seminar
Thanks to KPMG, a company that provides audit and tax consultations in over 155 countries, and renowned law firm Hassans, Gibraltar is all set to host its first-ever seminar on digital currencies, on Thursday, December 4th. Just like any other seminar, the focus of “Decrypting the Myths” will be on encouraging users to adopt Bitcoin as a payment vehicle. The seminar will feature Bitcoin veterans like Bitcoin Foundation founder Jon Matonis, as well as GoCoin-based payment technologist Eric Benz, amongst others. The General Manager of KPMG, Mickey Swindale, said:

“Since their inception, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have met with a mixed response. Despite their enormous potential for good, they have a chequered reputation which we believe is largely propagated by a lack of understanding and clarity on the issues they raise.”

Robocoin Operator Hacks ATM to Integrate Lamassu
SatoshiPoint, a former Robocoin ATM operator, reportedly hacked the machine to integrate and run the Lamassu software. The event took place as a response to Robocoin’s request to update the operating system installed on ATM machines. The SatoshiPoint founders meanwhile rejected the request, saying that the new update will force users to use a Robocoin wallet system. Robocoin, in its response to the protesting operators, disabled four ATM machines on November 7th.

“We’re not going to just sit there with dead empty hardware. We need to have [the machines] running,” said Jonathan James Harrison, a SatoshiPoint co-founder, after running the open-source Lamassu software on the Robocoin ATM machine. Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelly meanwhile said that he support competition that sharpens the Bitcoin market. “We’re neither upset nor hold a grudge,” he added later.

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