Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin Trademark Rejected; ANU Professor’s Prediction; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Wrongful Bitcoin Patent Rejected by US Authority

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently turned down a Californian company Urban Trend LLC which was seeking to trademark the word ‘Bitcoin’. The company’s proposal was obstructed by an opposer named Russ Smith, who was already the owner of a similar looking trademark ‘Willy Bitcoin’. Smith simply accused Urban Trend for stealing his patent, and therefore filed a lawsuit. You can read further about this story here.

Economist Predicts Australia to Mint its Own Digital Currency within Ten Years

The Director of Australian National University’s Research School of Economics, Professor Rabee Tourky, predicted Australia to start mining its own digital currency in next 10 years; therefore, paving way for a cashless society. “The big question is what’s going to replace it in Australia? Will it be Bitcoin? I don’t think so. More likely it will be ‘AusBit’, an Australian government issued digital cash,” he said. You can read further about this story here.

Bitcoin Investment Trust News Brings Bull to Bitcoin Market

Soon after the Wall Street Journal’s report on Bitcoin Investment Trust hit the newswires, the Bitcoin market saw the return of bulls and price rocketed to near 275 resistance level. The report has indeed helped market attain its lost feet and is now sighting 287 as its next upside risk.