Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Only Bitcoin for Boost VC; UK Survey; and More


Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Only Bitcoin for Boost VC; UK Survey; and More

Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Boost VC Goes ‘Bitcoin Only’
Boost VC, renowned investors and business accelerator group co-founded by Adam Draper, has announced to accept only Bitcoin-related startups for their next mentor round ‘Tribe 5’. The company will select 20-30 companies to give funds to. The selected companies will also be liable to participate in an intensive three-year tutoring program, so that they are unable to utilize the funds given to them. In the meantime, these companies will also be made to share the house while working on the development of their respective projects. In this process, they will also be able to meet major investors from Silicon Valley. According to a report published on Medium, Boost VC is looking for Bitcoin companies working in the areas of payments, exchanges, blockchain and sidechains technology, etc.

UK Survey: Bitcoin is Known, Not Necessarily Adopted
In early October, US-based Digital Currency Council and UK-based Reputation Leaders conducted an online survey among 527 British Adults, with questions related to Bitcoin impact on them. 71% of respondents claimed to have heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In a few cases, the digital currency was found more popular than the money transmitting service MoneyGram. However, the survey disappointed when it comes to Bitcoin adoption. Around 24% of the respondents held a negative opinion about the cryptocurrency, while only 13% confirmed to use it possibly in the future. 70% of the respondents were unclear about Bitcoin, showing that they do not understand the concept much.

Pirate Party of Finland Starts Accepting Bitcoin Donations
The Pirate Party of Finland announced that it is accepting Bitcoin donations for the next general elections, scheduled to be held around April 2015. The party, which lacked only 0.1% of the votes to win a seat period in Parliament, has already received 4.47 BTC since November 20. Party member and political blogger, Sebastian Maki said:

“The Pirate Party is a young party, we’re five years old now and the parliamentary elections next year will be our second chance to get someone in. We almost got a candidate elected the first time with almost non-existing budget and a lot of enthusiasm.”

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